Board & Staff

Please review our Board By-Laws in advanced of our

March 15, 2020 meeting, where we plan to make minor changes. 

2020 Board Members

Board of Directors, Committee Chairs:

All Sports: Tracy Pilson

Communication: Keely Byars-Nichols

Finance: Andy Adams

House and Grounds: Josh Barmer

Long Range/Capital Improvements: Jennifer Moran

Membership: Elizabeth Smith

Personnel: Eric Stevens

Rental: Jeff Walker

Rules and Governance: Wes Gelb

Snack Bar: Jenn Marks

Socials: Jonathan Watson

2019 Staff – 2020 TBA



Snack Bar Staff: Ben Holmes, John Cameron Stutts, Ella McDonald, Cash Nichols, Kiera Flynn, Mason Taylor, Aiden Moore, Tate Marsland , Holden Kiser.


  • Swim Coaches: Smith Moran, Charlotte Broadwell, Robert, Isabel and Natalie Thornburg.
  • Dive Coaches: Holt Gray and Carlie Perkins
  • Tennis Coaches: See