Board & Staff

Our Board Bylaws are Posted HERE. Board meetings are typically held the second Sunday of every month at 7pm in the clubhouse. They are always open to all members. 

The Board’s 2020 Values Statement can be found HERE

2020-2021 Board Members


  • Elizabeth Smith, Board Chair
  • Fiona Parker, Vice Chair
  • Wes Gelb, Secretary
  • Jonathan Walston, Treasurer

Other Board Members:

  • Andy Adams
  • Josh Barmer
  • Keely Byars-Nichols
  • Wes Gelb
  • Jeff Havener
  • Jenn Marks
  • Eric Stevens
  • Jeff Walker
  • John Ware



2020 Staff

Managers: Ridge Shepherd, Jeffrey Whittington, Garreth Parsons 

Guards: Grace Fines, Alex Stevens, Aidan Healy, Aidan Moore, Samuel Stasiewicz, Ben Holmes, Lilly Fine, Mason Taylor, Ansley Parsons, Natalie Thornburg.

Snack Bar Staff: John Cameron Stutts, Anna Pratt, Embree Duffy, Ella Headrick, Cash Nichols, Caroline Simons, Calla Smith, Holden Kiser, Lindsay Thornburg.


  • Swim Coaches: Smith Moran, Robert, Isabel and Natalie Thornburg.
  • Dive Coaches: Carlie Perkins
  • Tennis Coaches: See